Enabling OFFLINE Personalization Support for SBC and VDI

One of the biggest problems faced with a server based computing or virtual desktop environment, is that of ensuring any user personalization settings made to the desktop or application set whilst on the SBC or VDI session, are then persisted and available to the user when the user goes offline and uses an external or roaming device such as a laptop.  This is then repeated in ensuring any personalization changes a user makes on an offline device are also replicated and present back on the SBC or VDI session.

AppSense Environment Manager’s solves this crucial problem by providing users with a ‘follow me’ personality, across all delivery mechanisms and devices.  AppSense Environment Manager’s unique Offline Mode ensures mobile users have access to the latest version of their personalization settings when not inside or connected to the corporate network.

The process behind this is relatively simple and utilizes a ‘local virtualization cache’ which resides on the end point device.  When a user is logged on to a managed computer, their personalization data is stored locally in the virtual cache on the endpoint device. By default, when the user logs off or shuts down the device, the cache is deleted, and recreated when they next log on.

To enable offline availability of the settings stored within the local virtualization cache, the AppSense Environment Manager Console provides an option for the administrator to specify, on a per-machine basis, that the user is working in offline mode and requires their cache to be permanently available on the device, thereby not deleting it at logoff or shut down.

The settings are now available to the user for the duration of their disconnected state, any further changes the user makes to their desktop or application set during this time are automatically captured, redirected from the local registry and file system, to the local virtualization cache.  Upon reconnection to the network, these new settings (the delta’s) are automatically synchronized back to a SQL database and are available to be streamed back into any other concurrent session.

As you may be aware, the personalization (profile) settings are only one half of the user personality, the other half being ‘policy’.  Policy remains on the end point device at all times, regardless of whether the managed computer has offline mode enabled or disabled.  Policy remains as it is part of the AppSense Environment Manager configuration, which resides on the endpoint device at all times to set up, maintain and self heal the environment.

If you would like any further information, please do ask.

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