Custom Lockdown – Removing Features Without Registry Hacking or Complex Policies & Scripts

Custom lockdown actions or disabling features within custom applications often requires a lengthy amount of time being spent hacking and modifying application registry settings. This costly, time consuming approach is often used as a work around, and many times falls short of the lockdown requirement. One other point to note is that this approach requires expert knowledge on the subject matter of application registry settings (a great resource of which can be found at – A website run by Microsoft MVP Jon Wallace)

AppSense Environment Manager will bring benefit to locking down applications, removing specific items, features, menus, and toolbars etc.. by reducing the amount of time spent on identifying and manipulating such keys and the testing associated with such changes.  Furthermore, with Environment Manager, the lockdown policy actions and settings can be applied at a much more granular level based on an extensive set of rules and conditions, giving greater control to the organization.

AppSense Environment Manager achieves this by using a mouse driven spy tool to select the areas to be removed. Application menus, shortcuts, keyboard strokes and features can be removed within seconds and then applied at either a computer or user level. Environment Manager can lockdown any control in any application and so offers control over applications which previously required registry hacking, or even control of features which cannot be removed even with registry manipulate.

This revolutionary approach to desktop and application lockdown simplifies IT management, while also ensuring compliance to stringent security and lockdown requirements.

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