Nebulas Offer ‘VDI in a Box’ to cut time & cost of implementing VDI

Thanks to Google Alerts, I have just been made aware of an interesting article on how VDI specialist & AppSense Certified Solution Parntner, Nebulas Solutions, created a ‘VDI in a Box’ offering, using best of breed technologies available to reduce VDI implementation time and cost…

Here is an extract from the article,
‘VDI in a Box uses Pano Logic’s zero client for the desktop, with VMware’s technology providing the virtual and connection broker layers. These are combined with AppSense’s user environment management solution to handle the physical to virtual desktop migration, as well as ongoing management of the user’s policy and personalisation information. NetApp provides the storage component and is fully optimised for the VMware environment’

The article itself can be found here  and if you would like further information on how AppSense works in a VDI environment, please visit our web pages here

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