Citrix, VMware & DNS Pop Music Videos!

You may have seen the pop music videos recently floating around on the internet created by our German friends at Citrix, VMware and DNS.  If you have not seen them yet, please do take a quick look.. I think they’re brilliant, in that even in such tough economic times, there is still fun and enjoyment to be had in the world of virtualization.

The videos were made by Dominik Nagel, a Senior Technical Consultant at DNS, a leading German Citrix, VMware and AppSense distributor partner.

Dominik arranged for the VMware guys to film their video in a recording studio, complete with green screen technology and had the video edited and then used to demonstrate the multimedia capabilities of VMware View at the ITBA events in June 09.

The VMware video is a remake of the famous ‘Guns N Roses’ song ‘Paradise City’, where they have made a parody of the original, changing the Band name, song title and lyrics to ‘VM’s N Roses – Virtualization City’.  I believe Dominik plays the guitar in this video and Axl Rose is played by Jan Schindler, although I may be mistaken?

DNS then worked with Citrix DACH to create a second music video, staring Fabian Kienle, Citrix Product Marketing Manager.  Fabian covered a famous German song called ‘So soll es sein’ (translation = So it should be), originally performed by the German pop group ‘Ich und Ich’… watch out Pop Idol / X-Factor,  I can see a new contestant for this year’s competition ;)

The music videos can be found here:

VMware – ‘VM’s N Roses – Virtualization City’   

Citrix – ‘Ich und Ich – So soll es sein’

As I look forward to lunch with Fabian next week…  all I can say is, I’m glad it is at their office canteen… and not some local karaoke bar ;)

Thanks goes to all those involved in making the videos.. can’t wait for more!

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