Does Citrix XenDesktop Help Companies during Natural Disasters?

Jon Wallace from www.InsideTheRegistry.comwrites an interesting piece on how Citrix XenDesktop may be able to help organizations during natural disasters and power outages..

“I’m currently building out a demo rig for an upcoming tradeshow and while I was installing the various bits and bobs for the XenDesktop solution it got me thinking as to its unusual uses.

I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and during the summer, power outages are normal due to thunder storms and other bad weather.  This along with hurricanes, tropical storms and other activity makes working at home especially interesting at times.

When the power goes out, so does my communication.  I lose my internet, my landline and depending on the duration my laptop but one thing can be assured, the local Starbucks is always on – obviously people need coffee when they have downtime.  Anyway, back on track…

Imagine I was a columnist for a newspaper or magazine and I was working on the latest scoop that some celebrity has been caught eating a burger when the power went out – without connectivity I can’t upload the article to my corporate servers and get it out before my competitor does…”

Click here to read the rest of the article and learn how Citrix XenDesktop can help in this case…

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