Powerco used VMware and AppSense on their Citrix farm, introduced SQL, and saved $390k per annum.

Powerco, New Zealand’s second largest power company used virtualization technology to consolidate their server (Citrix and Oracle/SQL) and save $390,000 per year.

As part of their ICT refresh, they included VMware to virtualize the Blade servers running Citrix, along with AppSense Performance Manager which when combined, increased server capacity and enabled a greater consolidation ratio.

Mark Flowers, Powerco Server Team Leader said,
“AppSense helped us reduce our 47 Citrix servers down to 25.  Not only do we have more users than ever on our existing hardware, but we have not had to compromised or restrict any of the Citrix applications.”

The full article on ComputerWorld can be found here

The official Powerco & AppSense case study can be found on the AppSense customer pages here

Further information on how AppSense can reduce your Operational Costs & TCO can be found here

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