Citrix Report – Virtualization To Dominate IT Investment & Savings by 2014

Citrix have recently published their findings from a recent survey into CIO investment plans and subsequent savings for Virtualization technology.

There are some great key findings from the investigation, such as:

“31 per cent of CIOs said between 0-5 per cent of their current IT budget is dedicated to virtualisation technologies. In 2014, the largest proportion of respondents (26 per cent) predicted these technologies would make up a quarter of investment.”

And when specifically looking at Desktop Virtualization:

“Although desktop virtualisation is the newer technology, global CIOs recognise the benefits of using it within their organisation. The six most important benefits of desktop virtualisation identified by the Index are:

  • Fast desktop deployment (65 per cent)
  • Use in any location on any device (64 per cent)
  • Data security and access control (62 per cent)
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (55 per cent)
  • Ease of migration (48 per cent)
  • Power savings and/or green computing (35 per cent) “

As AppSense are seeing huge success in the Desktop Virtualization market, enabling enterprise organizations to adopt technologies such as Citrix XenDesktop 4 (for which Citrix recommend AppSense as the leading User Environment Management Solution for XenDesktop), Citrix were keen to include a support quote from Martin Ingram, VP of Strategy at AppSense.

For the full report, complete with other key findings and supporting comments from other industry visionaries, please visit the Citrix News Pages.

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