Network World – AppSense “User Virtualization” Video

We recently completed a pretty exhausting press tour in New York, Boston and San Francisco.  One of the sessions in Boston was with Network World, where our Martin Ingram, VP of Strategy, recorded a video piece on user virtualization -> Video here.  

Going back to basics (and making some interesting references to movies and Roman Generals!) Martin walks through the precepts of user virtualization – why it’s essential, and what the business benefits are. 

We’re finding more and more people we talk to  (including many of our enterprise customers) are accepting and embracing the changing nature of desktop delivery; that a component-based desktop (OS, Apps, User) is the only viable solution that provides the best user experience, the most agile desktop estate and the lowest management cost.   

The video is about 10 minutes long and is well worth a watch!

Pete Rawlinson – VP Marketing, AppSense.

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