AppSense & Citrix XenDesktop Proof of Concept Kit Goes Live!

Based on huge demand and after many months of joint work between Citrix and AppSense – I am pleased to say the AppSense Environment Manager and Citrix XenDesktop kit is live and being used to great success! 

If you are in any way involved with the Citrix community, you may have seen this also mentioned on their blog pages here: “AppSense releases their Environment Manager product for Citrix XenDesktop PoC Kit”

As stated on the Citrix website:
“If you don’t already know, Environment Manager is used to personalize virtual desktops across many different delivery methods and is recommended by Citrix for use in mixed technology XenDesktop environments.  The PoC kit has been designed to enable implementation of Environment Manager in a XenDesktop project in under 3 hours, providing out-of-the-box user personalization across all Citrix FlexcastTM  Technology delivery mechanisms, operating systems and 32/64 bit platforms”.  

This PoC is being used today by Citrix Systems Engineers and joint Citrix & AppSense Partners around the world, and is helping drive adoption of Citrix XenDesktop in large-scale accounts.  Full technical and commercial support is available to any Citrix SE or Channel Partner PoC project via the AppSense XenDesktop Proof of Concept Support teams.

Additional information on how Citrix XenDesktop + AppSense Environment Manager provides the world leading desktop and user virtualization solution, including why and when to include AppSense, can be found in the joint solution video on Citrix TV (link to the video – ).  In this video, Citrix and AppSense discuss the requirements to create a complete enterprise desktop virtualization solution, and Citrix recommends AppSense as one of the leading User Environment Manager solution and together we are promoting XenDesktop 4 and the AppSense solution for large enterprise environments.

 In the UK, Citrix are helping drive this kit to their reseller channel, with a webinar covering:
 – What the proof of concept kit is
 – How it relates to XenDesktop
 – How it can help you manage and Personalize XenDesktop environments 

More information, along with registration details can be found on the Citrix Channel Training website here –



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