AppSense ‘In the Media’

As desktop virtualization continues to gather momentum, so does the amount of information being made available to us.   What is becoming very apparent, is the amount of focus on what is considered to be the third layer of the desktop – the User (after the operating system and application set).  Just like the OS and App’s are virtualized, for successful adoption of desktop virtualization, the user must also be virtualization and decoupled from the OS and App’s.

Just this week alone, I have seen 3 separate blogs focusing on the AppSense, who provide user virtualization solutions to enterprise organizations:

Above the Cloud – User Virtualization, by Steven Nagy 
Steven focuses on cloud based technologies, and recently spent some time speaking with Martin Ingram, VP of Strategy at AppSense and since published a blog detailing on the importance of user virtualization and how it is crucial to cloud based desktop and application delivery.
His blog can be found here / TechTarget – Keeping the turf wars at bay, by Bridget Botelho
Further to the 451 report focusing detailing why Cox Communications needed AppSense user virtualization over profile management to roll-out VMware View, SearchVirtualDesktop spoke to Cox Comms as part of an article focusing on some of the changes to how an IT Department operates when moving to a virtual desktop environment.
The article can be found here

TechDay – AppSense: More growth to come from New Zealand, by Gavin Ogden
Sean Walsh, GM of AppSense ANZ was interviewed and discusses how he has built up a strong AppSense market in Australia, and that Asia is really starting to take-off, however he see’s an up-lift in growth in our New Zealand market as desktop virtualization continues to be adopted.
The article can be found here

You can keep up to date with other AppSense mentions in the media via the AppSense news pages – 


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