AppSense Drive Further US Expansion With New COO

Off the back of a record-breaking 2009, seeing AppSense sell over 1 million licenses of our leading user virtualization software, with almost 200k of those licenses being specifically for VDI environments (full write up here) – I am pleased to announce further US success and expansion in the form of Darron Antill joining AppSense as Chief Operating Officer.

Darron brings 20 years of success to AppSense, where he will continue to drive record revenue growth and further strengthen our alliances with partners such as Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, CSC, IBM, Dell, Fujitsu, HP to name a few.

Further to Darron, AppSense recently relocated several of our UK VP’s to the US:

Pete Rawlinson, VP of Marketing now resides in our Manhattan, NY, Head Office
Simon Rust, VP of Technology is now in our Palo Alto, CA, Technology Center
Martin Ingram, VP of Strategy is also based in the Palo Alto Technology Center
Along with Simon Clephan, VP of Alliances who is also based in Palo Alto

A short while back, Simon Bramfitt published a piece on AppSense presence in the San Francisco Bay area which can be found here

Please join me in welcoming Darron – I look forward to even greater 2010..

A full copy of the official Press Release on this can be found here



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