AppSense invited to blog on leading industry news websites

Martin Ingram, VP of Strategy at AppSense has been busy – briefing Analysts, Press, working with vendor partners such as Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, and most recently, publishing a series of articles on highly respected sites such as ComputerWorld and Enterprise System Journal.

The invitations to become a featured author on these popular sites is a clear validation as to Martins leadership and forward thinking thoughts on desktop virtualization – and luckily for us at AppSense, feeding these visions into our product development roadmap.

His articles can be found below:

ComputerWorld – The Why’s and Wherefores of Virtualization
Here, Martin looks back at where virtualization has come from, what it has achieved, and  makes sense of the rapid innovation in this space – helping you navigate and review the hows, whys and wherefores of virtualization.
Article can be found here.

Enterprise System Journal – Client Virtualization: The Next Frontier
As virtualization moves quickly from the data center to the client device, Martin examines the benefits of hosted desktop virtualization, and how this will impact laptop and client side management via client virtualization.
Article can be found here.



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