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Only yesterday I blogged about Martin Ingram being a published author on ComputerWorld and Enterprise System Journal.  Well, lets now add Virtual Strategy Magazine in to the mix.  It would appear I missed off his article ‘The Aliens Have Landed’ – and how is that possible when considering the article header picture?! ;)

Besides looking like a mild-mannered version of the Incredible Hulk, Martin goes on to compare how the deployments of some of the larger virtual desktop implementations holds similarities to the arrival of aliens – will any new technology really help? and how that we can not fully understand appreciate the capabilities, and at the same time the limitations until we thoroughly use the new technology in real world environments.  Secondly how the spread in adoption of desktop virtualization can be compared to the patterns the aliens made as they moved across our planet in the 1953 film ‘War of the Worlds.

The article can be found in full here



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