#CitrixSynergy – Collection of live feeds, blogs and reports from the event

With Citrix Synergy now in full swing, I thought it may be helpful if I could start bringing together a lot of the great blogs and reports people are writing as they are live at the event, providing you with one central pool or set of links to find all the information you need.

So, who and what do we have?

Citrix Synergy official website – http://buzz.citrixsynergy.com/
Containing live feed from the event, Twitter posts, CitrixTV videos and related blog postings, Citrix Synergy can be followed on Twitter via @Citrix_Synergy and other related news can be referenced or found via #CitrixSynergy

Citrix Community Blog – http://community.citrix.com/blogs
The Citrix Community Blog is a source of blogs both from Citrix Synergy, and Citrix in general

Ervik.as: Application Delivery & Virtualization News – http://www.ervik.as/
Alexander ‘Ervik’ is a CTP and works at Norwegian Distributor Arrow ECS, he can also be followed on Twitter via @ervik

Archy.Net: Virtualization Trend to the Max – http://www.archy.net/
Stephane Thirion is CTO at French IT company ActivLan, he can also be followed on Twitter via @archynet

Dell Tech Center Blog – http://en.community.dell.com/dell-blogs/b/tech-center/default.aspx
Kong Yang is bloggin from a Dell perspective, he can be followed on Twitter via @KongY_Dell

Citrix Synergy 2010; A blog by Blair Robinson – http://appvirtualisation.com/synergyblog/
Blair is a Senior Technical Consultant at Data3, a leading Citrix reseller in Australia

If anyone knows of any other sites reporting live from Citrix Synergy, or you would like to submit your, please leave a comment or contact me on Twitter via @garethkitson and please include the Citrix Synergy hash-tag; #CitrixSynergy



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