Citrix Ready Profile Management Video Challenge Winners

Citrix Ready Profile Management Video Challenge Winners

The votes are in – the Citrix Ready User Profile Management Challenge 2010 Winners are announced.

The Citrix Ready Video Challenge highlights the importance of successfully managing the user element of the desktop – possibly the most important piece in ensuring user adoption of new desktop delivery methodologies and ensure desktop are well managed, secure, compliant, and run with minimal operational cost.

As a leading Citrix Ready Partner and Winner of the Citrix Ready Solution of the Year 2010, AppSense were proud to be invited to participate in the video challenge.

The Challenge was judged by an expert panel for the following four categories:

  1. The Best User Experience
  2.  Extreme User Personalization
  3.  Robust Deployment and Management Features
  4.  Most innovative video and Citrix community award (voted by the viewers!)

AppSense won 2 out of the 4 categories:

Extreme User Personalization Winner
“The user experience is the most critical factor for a successful implementation a profile management solution because if a user does not feel that she is using her own personal desktop, the solution has failed to meet its objective.”

Comments from the judges –“AppSense video talks about how they can inject settings to/from various app virtual solutions and User ability to migrate/roam between devices with no noticeable difference”

Most Innovative vide and Citrix Community Award Winner
The winner of this category was selected by the user community for best humor and creative use of video.”

Congratulations to the other category winners; Best User Experience – triCerat, and Robust Deployment and Management – RESSoftware.

You can view the challenge videos here:

And read the Citrix Community Blog Winner Article here:

Thanks to all who voted AppSense the winner.

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