Where There is Smoke There is Fire

My new colleagues here at AppSense are demonstrating a mix of kindness and bravery by letting me loose on the corporate blog during week one on the job. It is an exciting time to be joining AppSense. While industry insiders have long recognized AppSense as an “unsung hero” behind many successful VDI and terminal services deployments, the company is increasingly finding itself in the broader IT industry spotlight. Sure, a jaw-dropping investment from Goldman Sachs helps, but there is much more to the AppSense story.

There is a tendency among industry observers to try to predict technology winners and losers. Will VDI supplant native PCs? Will virtual desktops run predominantly in the data center or on PCs with client hypervisors? Will tablets replace laptops? Will terminal services usage decline as VDI takes off, or will it experience a renaissance thanks to its user density advantages?

These are all relevant questions, but the reality is that for the next five-to-ten years IT leaders will find themselves standing at the intersection of all of these develop delivery models (and likely more). This realization is what is fueling the growing level of excitement about AppSense.

By abstrating the user from the myriad devices and delivery methods that are available to corporate IT teams, AppSense reduces the cost and complexity of desktop management while providing a seamless user experience across any of these deployment approaches. Moreover, by seperating the user personality from the device, AppSense prepares IT organizations for a world where the lines are blurred between personal and corporate devices.

This unique capability to bridge the computing models of yesterday, today, and tomorrow makes AppSense a logical centerpiece of an enterprise desktop strategy.

As the saying goes, “where there is smoke there is fire,” and as someone brand new to the organization I can honestly say that the all of the AppSense buzz in recent weeks is well-deserved. This feels like a company that is about to catch fire.


Doug Lane

2 Responses to Where There is Smoke There is Fire

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