AppSense Performance Manager 8.1 is released!

AppSense Performance Manager controls and optimizes CPU, Memory and Disk I/O to improve system capacity, improve application response times and provide a superior quality of service.  I am pleased to announce that AppSense Performance Manager 8.1 is now available :)

AppSense Performance Manager 8.1 brings further enhancements to both the performance and statistic functions and increases the flexibility and scalability of the product via enhancements to existing functionality and the addition of new features and capabilities.

New Features Include:
Data Housekeeping
> Data Limits within the Statistics Database
> Data Purge Controls within the Statistics Database

Timed Statistic Collection
> Specify the time for Statistics Collection
> Out of Operational Hours Analysis

Optimized Default Configuration
> Increase in System Capacity & Quality of Service

Optimized Coding of AppSense Performance Manager Processes
> Enhancements to the Optimizer code

A PDF version of the What’s New in AppSense Performance Manager 8.1 document can be found here

A page on with  more detailed information and options to download AppSense Performance Manager 8.1 can be found here

Thank you to all that help build and develop AppSense Performance Manager 8.1; Developers, Customers, Partners, PreSales, QA etc, it is very much appreciated.



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