AppSense Application Manager 8.2 is Now Available!

The IT team wants to lock everyone’s desktop down to reduce cost and complexity. End-users want the freedom and flexibility to personalize their environment. It’s corporate computing’s age-old tug of war. But thanks to AppSense Application Manager, the needs of IT and end-users no longer have to be at odds. With Application Manager, IT administrators can:

  • Control what applications a user is allowed to run, even based on the context of the device.
  • Tightly manage network access, even from within specific applications
  • Elevate or restrict user administrator rights with surgical precision, allowing IT to be responsive to user needs without letting support costs spiral out of control.

Today, the flexibility and control AppSense User Virtualization offers to IT was even further extended with the release of AppSense Application Manager 8.2. Based on key customer and partner feedback and requests, this latest release brings enhancements to existing functionality and new control options. IT teams can now empower users to initiate ActiveX-based software installations in a controlled manner without granting full administrative rights. Best of all, a granular set of policy controls let IT set tight ground rules for which web-based software installations can be executed by users.

Prefer to keep it simple?
You can allow users to perform any web-based from a white-listed group of sites such as or

More of a conservative type and require granular controls?
In that case, you can lock down installation rights to specific applications on named websites, right down to specific versions and ActiveX control class IDs.

The enhanced policy management capabilities in Application Manager 8.2 can be as simple or granular as you need them to be. For many common applications, you can simply import one of our pre-defined policy templates to implement a rock-solid policy in minutes.

You can find more information about the new capabilities of AppSense Application Manager 8.2 on our “What’s New” page, and existing customers and partners can download the new version today via the myAppSense portal.

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