AppSense and HP Team to Help Customers Accelerate their Desktop Projects….

This week we’re tremendously excited to announce that AppSense is now part of the HP’s Client Virtualization Architecture, and we’ve recently published a joint reference architecture with HP specifically focused on user virtualization:

Brochure: HP Client Virtualization Enterprise Reference Architecture for Virtual System

Technical White Paper: HP Client Virtualization Reference Architecture – User Virtualization with AppSense and HP

 Think of user virtualization as being able to place a user’s identity, consisting of all their settings, profiles, policies, and data, onto any desktop you choose – a virtual desktop, a physical desktop, a published desktop, or any combination. As long as the user can log into a desktop on your network, they’ll have full access to their environment, using the full native power of the desktop they’re using.

It’s really rewarding to see the look on customers’ faces when they see obstacles previously thought to be “permanent pain points” eliminated. How about adding a new virtual desktop that is seamlessly integrated with their existing physical desktops? How about moving users on demand from one desktop to another? Or supporting users that need to use desktops at different facilities? Or managing multiple desktops for each user?  All are easily completed with user virtualization.

Now HP has two offerings with AppSense: a fully managed option from Enterprise Services, and a highly configurable architecture from the Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking Group (ESSN).  These plus the budding relationships with HP Technical Services, Personal Systems Group and Client Software will help drive our mutual success in enabling customers to migrate to Windows 7, implement Desktop Virtualization and take full advantage of the Optimized Desktop.  And it doesn’t matter which version of Windows you’re using, or how many combinations and permutations of OS, applications, and devices you have.

HP offers its customers the broadest range of “one-stop” desktop solutions.  They’re even better with AppSense –
users can have a smooth desktop transformation from XP to Windows 7, or transition to a virtual desktop without loss of settings or downtime.  Customers are intrigued – response is fantastic with tremendous interest from large banks, healthcare, government and other enterprise organizations. HP’s tag line is “The Computer is personal again” – AppSense is adding the icing on the cake by making it “… personal again everywhere!”

“User virtualization is a key component of HP’s Client Virtualization Reference Architecture – not only to ensure a satisfactory, personalized user experience, but also to reduce IT operation costs,” said Dan Nordhues, marketing manager, HP Client Virtualization Solutions. “HP has partnered with AppSense to leverage the clear benefits of user virtualization.”

David Roussain, VP Strategic Alliances

Further Information:

A Full Copy of the Press Release can be read here – AppSense User Virtualization Selected For HP’s New Client Virtualization Reference Architecture

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