Financial Times: AppSense a ‘tech champion in the making’

AppSense is at the top of its game these days, and the mainstream business community is taking notice. In a profile entitled “Tech champion in the making,” Financial Times highlights AppSense’s early origins and recent ascent to a key leadership position in the virtualization space.

The piece also puts the spotlight on AppSense’s growing prominence in the UK business community. As reporter Andrew Bounds notes:

With Autonomy, the Cambridge-based FTSE 100 company, set to be taken over by Hewlett-Packard for $11bn, AppSense could become a new flagship of the British software industry.

As proud as we are to be a pillar of the UK technology industry, we are equally proud of our success elevating the company to a global stage through aggressive international expansion that hasn’t sacrificed the high standards and unique corporate culture on which AppSense’s early success was built.

As the article highlights:

AppSense is one of the few European companies that have successfully penetrated the US, which now accounts for more than half its revenues. For a software company to be successful overseas, it has to feel American, [AppSense chairman Charles Sharland] says. The management team is split between New York and Daresbury, and it is hiring a team of developers on the west coast to complement the 100 based in the UK.

Here on the inside, we feel the momentum continuing to build every day, and we see our UK pioneers and our U.S. trailblazers melding together into one powerhouse global team.

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