About AppSense

Founded in 1999, AppSense is the world leading solution provider of User Virtualization (UV) solutions for enterprise organizations. UV is a complete solution for managing the user experience across combinations of application delivery mechanisms, user types and site locations.

UV enables corporate policy and user personalization data, known as the ‘user personality’ to be abstracted from the desktop and managed independently. This personality can then be dynamically applied ‘on-demand’ to any user environment – providing a third layer on top of operating system and applications.

Whether desktops are delivered locally, published, streamed or virtualized – or combinations thereof – UV ensures tailored policy is applied and personalization settings are persisted for all users. AppSense technology is used around the world to accelerate user migration to virtual environments, manage policy, provide personal and predictable user environments, and leverage investments in desktop delivery technologies. AppSense is a Global Citrix Solution Partner and founding member of the Citrix Ready Program, a Microsoft Gold Certified Solution Partner, and member of the VMware Technical Alliance Program.

Customers and Alliances

As the world leading user environment management solution provider to the enterprise, AppSense have an unrivalled install base of over 5,500 enterprise class customers, with many environments supporting in excess of 100,000 users.

AppSense are a core solution to many of the world’s largest SBC and virtual desktop implementations, many of these documented in case studies and reference sites. AppSense have a portfolio of leading organizations across many industry sectors and geographies including companies such as HSBC, Barclays, ESPN, Volkswagen, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Citigroup, Wal-Mart, UBS, BT and Shell.

AppSense technology is also used in conjunction with many third party Systems Integrators, including CSC, HP, EDS, Dell and IBM. and was recently awarded Gold for Best Desktop Virtualization Solution at VMworld 09


AppSense are headquartered in Manchester, England with offices in New York,  Palo Alto, Atlanta, London, Munich, Melbourne and Amsterdam.

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