Virtualization Review: The Many Faces of Desktop Virtualization

April 18, 2011

Simon Rust, VP of Technology, AppSense (Twitter @SimonARust ) has posted a very interesting article on his VirtualizationReview blog – The Many Faces of Desktop Virtualization.  In this article Simon describes some of the many technologies used to ‘Virtualize a Desktop’ and how these differ from ‘VDI’

Topics include:

  • Operating System Provisioning
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Client Hypervisors
  • Client-side Hosted Virtual Desktops
  • Application Virtualization

You can read the article in full on here


Andrew Wood article from PubForum; AppSense User Rights Management & User Installed Applications

June 15, 2010

Following on from the recent PubForum event, Andrew Wood (Twitter @gilwood_cs) has published an interesting article over on The Virtualization Practice relating to some of the new functionality AppSense were demonstrating as part of our 2010 product release schedule.  The article discusses the possibilities and options with regards to ‘can you give power to users responsibly’ ?

At present, we are limited to providing either;
Administrator Accounts or Standard User Accounts
The ability to install everything or prevent the installation of anything

For many organizations and users this is not a viable option, certain users require access to controls and applications that require Admin credentials to access or change; however IT do not want users to have access to everything else available to an Administrative user.

Likewise, some users may require the ability to install their own business related applications, or more importantly have their user installed applications made available across desktop delivery mechanisms or persists between non-persistent virtual desktop sessions.

Both of these challenges will be address by AppSense in 2010 in the form of our USer Rights Management and also User Installed Application technologies; both of which were presented and demo’d at PubForum – of which Andrew has detail he thoughts on the use cases, pro’s and con’s of such a solution offering.

You can read his article in full here.

Further information on these technologies can be found here on the AppSense Community Blog:

NEW AppSense Functionality Being Demo’d At Citrix Synergy – “User Rights Management”

What is a user-installed application and why should we care?

User Installed Applications (UIA) by any other name?

Many thanks, and keen to hear your thoughts on our forthcoming products



Congratulations to SCC – Best Demo of FlexCast and HDX 2010

May 11, 2010

Congratulations to leading Citrix and AppSense reseller partner SCC on winning  “Best Demo of the Power of FlexCast and HDX 2010” at Citrix Summit / Synergy yesterday.

The SCC demo consists of running a hosted Citrix XenDesktop session delivered as a service to an Apple iPad and using AppSense technology to the configure and personalize the XenDesktop session based on the user and device properties.   This solution now delivers a consistent experience to all users, regardless of where they are or how they are connecting to their desktop.

Congratulations again SCC!

A quick YouTube video of their demo can be viewed here



Martin Ingram Strikes Again – DABCC Radio interview with Doug Brown.

May 4, 2010

Does Martin Ingram ever stop?  At the minute he’s briefing analysts, writing articles for well-known publications, working with our partners such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, and most recently – a podcast interview with Doug Brown from

What’s new in user virtualization podcast with Martin Ingram – DABCC Radio – Episode 119.

“In episode 119, Douglas Brown interviews Martin Ingram, Vice President of strategy for AppSense. Martin and Doug discuss the user virtualization space, what’s new, current status on desktop virtualization space, a bit about AppSense taking User Virtualization to the Cloud, how does User Virtualization in the Cloud work, and much more.”

As ever, it’s a pleasure to work with Doug, I hope you all enjoy the discussions…



AppSense part of the Microsoft SAM Partner Program

April 29, 2010

I previously blogged about Microsoft Application Device License Control in SBC, VDI and Streamed Environments, where I highlighted that Microsoft Applications are in fact licensed on a PER DEVICE basis, and not, a PER USER basis – which may cause issues for many organizations in terms of licensing where by only a certain number of USERS needs access (and therefore perceivable a small number of user licenses) but in order to comply with Microsoft Licensing you must still have a license for EVERY DEVICE in the organization, even if the users of those devices will never run the application in question.

Further to this AppSense are recognized by Microsoft as a valid means to control application access at a DEVICE level and are therefore able to reduce device based license requirements.

I am pleased to announce that AppSense, in addition to being a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner, the Microsoft System Center Alliance Program and member of the Microsoft High Potential Managed Partner Program, are now also listed as a Microsoft SAM (Software Asset Management) Partner and listed exclusively as a SAM related tool and service on the Microsoft SAM Partner web-page

Quoting the page:

“Today’s IT organizations are constantly striving to lower the total cost of ownership of their infrastructure while getting the maximum value from their IT investment. With the onset of multiple delivery technologies, efficient software license management is a key component of today’s IT strategy. Microsoft acknowledge AppSense Application Manager as a solution that enterprises could use as part of Software Asset Management to provide device-based license management in a Windows® Terminal Services, virtual desktop or virtualized streamed environment.”
Sam Bramwell
Licensing, Anti-Piracy and SAM Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft Limited
To learn more about Microsoft Licensing and how AppSense Application Manager can be used to not only ensure compliance, but also reduce the amount of device licenses required, saving operational costs and providing almost immediate return on investment, please visit our solutions page here
A copy of the Official Microsoft approved whitepaper on use of AppSense for application access and license control in virtual environments can be found here

ZDnet Article – Client-Side Virtualization

March 22, 2010

Further to my previous blog post (AppSense included in an article by IDG on why the ‘time is right to consider VDI and that is marries one of our predictions for desktop virtualization in 2010), AppSense is also referenced in a separate article, this time by Dan Kusnetzky on ZDnet – ‘Why all the activity centering on client-side virtualization’

In this article, Dan talks about the benefits of desktop & application virtualization and also centralized management of these components.  What is interesting is that this article also concurs with another one of our predictions for 2010 – Client Virtualization starts to take off.

I hope Dan’s article and Martin’s predictions make for interesting reading – as always, comments are welcomed :)