AppSense Invited To The French Club Citrix User Group

February 22, 2010

In light of the strong Citrix + AppSense relationship and joint market activities, are now also pleased to be invited to be part of the French Club Citrix User Group in 2010.   This group is a key fountain of knowledge, providing information on Citrix product updates, best practices, cases studies to end users.  With end-user also given the opportunity to provide feedback to Citrix themselves.

AppSense join Citrix, Miel (a leading Citrix Distributor), DataCore and Wyse as the event group sponsors.

There are 4 events currently scheduled for 2010, all hosted at Citrix Paris:

March 25th – Link for more information and to register
June 24th
September 23rd
December 9th

I will provide more information on the events in due course, however please do feel free to ask if you have any questions in the mean time.

Link To Event Details