AppSense Environment Manager Testimonials Overview Document

January 19, 2010

In light of all the recent coverage of AppSense Environment Manager –  from case studies and analyst reports to winning awards and press releases, I thought it best to consolidate some of the highlights into a single, high level over view document..

This is a great resource for our dedicated Channel Partners, Press and Analysts, End Users and fellow Bloggers..

It is available in PDF format on the official website and can be found via this direct link

When layers become a problem

December 11, 2009

I have seen a lot of discussion on the subject of layering of software images to deliver virtualized client computing. There are some interesting opportunities here but also a number of serious potential issues. This is too big an area for a single blog post so I am going to look at this over a number of post in the coming weeks.

There are number of different ways the word ‘layers’ is used in client computing. Firstly, when we think of our software stack we unsurprisingly think of the layers that make up that stack. Those layers are typically operating system, applications and user environment. We then think about how we manage those layers, either as the complete unwieldy stack or individually. As  such we are thinking about layers as a handy shortcut for what we want to manage individually.

Another way that the word ‘layers’ is being used is as a way of splitting the stack into a large number of separate layers. A number of small vendors are launching early stage products to try and deliver solutions based on a layer per application with those layers being delivered selectively depending on the user. The problem here is that each of the layers then needs to be managed separately including the impact of every combination of layers. Many of the organizations I talk to have thousands of applications in use across the business, that means thousands of layers and a huge combinatorial problem.

The change between the two uses of the word ‘layers’ is dramatic: In one case we are referring to three layers that we want to manage individually in the other case attempting to manage thousands of layers in a way that may well prove to be impossible. As I think of managing all those layers I am reminded of the mess that usually results from my attempts at eating a Napoleon, also known to the French as a ‘Mille Feuille’ – thousand layers.

Virtualization Executive Summit Event Review

December 8, 2009

Last week I attended the Virtualization Executive Summit, a great event attended by almost 100 Senior IT Executives (CTO’s, CIO’s, CEO’s, VP’s, Director’s etc..) from very large, international organizations. As the name suggests, the event focused on Virtualization, with a large proportion of the end user interest being in Desktop Virtualization.

I have to say, it was a very well organized and thought-out event, with each of the delegates having individual time tables based on their areas of interest. These time tables accommodated both vendor boardroom presentation sessions along with 1:1 meetings with the vendors too, so a busy two days for all involved.

As part of our sponsorship package, I was presenting in the AppSense Boardroom Session. It appeared to be very well received (with some of the attendees saying it was the best session they had been to <- queue big ego boost for me lol). There was a great mix of people in the room, some who had deployed Desktop Virtualization and some that had also done stateless / non-persistent Desktop Virtualization with a user environment management solution (like AppSense ;-) ) which was a great validation for the others in the room who are still in their planning stages.

Nearly all of the many meetings we hosted focused on the attendee’s plans for desktop virtualization in 2010, and I am glad to say, they were also asking how AppSense could help enable them to adopt the non-persistent virtual desktop model.

Thanks to all of those who helped make this a great event, and thank you also to all those who attended and are driving forward with desktop virtualization..

Looking forward to the next one :)

AppSense Wins Best Desktop Software of 2009 at the TechWorld Awards

November 18, 2009

AppSense are very pleased to announce that AppSense Environment Manager 8.0 has won another high-profile award – The TechWorld Best Desktop Software Product of the year 2009.

The Techworld Awards reward innovation for all aspects of the IT industry and are evaluated on strategy, creativity, innovation and effectiveness. Winners are selected by an independent panel of judges consisting of highly respected individuals from the IT industry and Techworld editors.

This new award is a great achievement and comes only a short time after AppSense Environment Manager recently won Gold in the Desktop Virtualization category in the Best of VMworld 2009 Awards Program.  Combined, these awards, along with our recent record growth and ever strengthening relationships with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware confirm AppSense as the clear leader in the User Environment Management space.

Here is a copy of the AppSense Press Release to accompany this recent award:

AppSense Wins 2009 Techworld Award

AppSense Environment Manager 8.0 announced Desktop Software Product of the Year

 New York, NY – November 18, 2009 – AppSense, the leading provider of user environment management solutions for the enterprise, today announced that AppSense Environment Manager 8.0 has won the Desktop Software Product of the Year award as part of the Techworld Awards 2009. Recognizing both products and users, the Techworld Awards reward innovation for all aspects of the IT industry and are evaluated on strategy, creativity, innovation and effectiveness. Winners are selected by an independent panel of judges consisting of highly respected individuals from the IT industry and Techworld editors.

AppSense Environment Manager is the only enterprise solution that enables standardized desktop environments to be fully configured and personalized without the need for cumbersome profiles or scripts. From server-based computing environments through to virtual and physical desktops, AppSense Environment Manager ensures users always receive a consistent, predictable and personalized working experience. Full desktops can now be configured and business rules applied on-demand, enabling compliant, personalized virtual desktops to be quickly delivered to thousands of users at lowest possible cost. Additionally, AppSense technology is used in conjunction with many third party systems integrators, including CSC, HP, EDS, Dell and IBM.

“We are honored that AppSense Environment Manager has been recognized as the best solution to sit on the desktop by the Techworld editors and members of the IT community,” said Peter Rawlinson, vice president of worldwide marketing at AppSense. “AppSense’s unique approach represents a fundamental change in the way the corporate desktop is constructed and is a core solution in all desktop environments, providing a stable and consistent user environment. With the introduction of Microsoft Windows 7 and a huge uplift in VDI adoption, AppSense looks forward to continuing to provide enterprises with our award-winning solutions, allowing them to increase user productivity and dramatically decrease operational costs.” 

This award comes on the heels of the recent Gold award in the Desktop Virtualization category in the ‘Best of VMworld 2009’ awards for AppSense. For more information about the Techworld awards and to view a complete list of winners, please visit

About AppSense
Founded in 1999, AppSense is the leading provider of user environment management (UEM) solutions for enterprise organizations. UEM is a proven method of reducing desktop management costs by treating the user environment separate from the desktop and delivery method. This separation enables IT to standardize the corporate desktop and automate the delivery of the user’s working environment, significantly reducing operational costs. AppSense technology is used around the world by companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Lowes, United Airlines, Wachovia, Wal-Mart, ESPN and CB Richard Ellis. AppSense has main offices in New York and Manchester, England with additional offices in Palo Alto, London, Munich, Melbourne and Amsterdam.

PR Contact:
Heather Fitzsimmons
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+1 (650) 947-7400

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Thanks to all those who have helped make Environment Manager the leading UEM solution that it is:)