2010 Virtualization Review Readers’ Choice Awards: AppSense Environment Manager

October 28, 2010

Vote for AppSense Environment Manager for the 2010 Virtualization Review Readers’ Choice Awards!

AppSense is a finalist in the “Best Desktop Virtualization/Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Product” category for the 2010 Virtualization Review Readers’ Choice Awards. The winner of this award will be the company who has received the most votes, so AppSense would like to encourage you to take just a minute to visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2KGFLYW and vote for us.

Voting will close on Friday, October 29, so please register your vote soon. Thank you in advance for your time and support!

About the Virtualization Review Readers’ Choice Awards: This award recognizes innovative products that are the “best of the best” in the world of virtualization.

Why Nominate AppSense Environment Manager? AppSense Environment Manager makes physical, virtual and cloud desktop deployment possible by ensuring a seamless user experience across all delivery platforms. AppSense Environment Manager accelerates multi-platform desktop deployments by eliminating costly user management tools, enabling single-image application delivery, and ensuring users have the same experience on any desktop.

Vote now! Visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2KGFLYW.


P:S –

Just to recap some of the other awards AppSense have won recently include:

May 11th 2010 – AppSense named Citrix Ready Solution Partner of the Year 2010

Mar 29th 2010 – AppSense awarded 5 Star Chanel Partner Program by Everything Channel

Mar 1st 2010 – AppSense Win Product Innovation Award by Network Product Guide

Feb 23rd 2010 – Nigel Wilson, AppSense, Wins 2010 Channel Chief by Everything Channel’s CRN

Jan 19th 2010 – AppSense named 2010 Hot Companies Finalist by Network Products Guide

Jan 18th 2010 – AppSense Wins SearchServerVirtualization.com Product of the Year Award

Nov 18th 2009 – AppSense Wins Best Desktop Software of 2009 at TechWorld Awards

Sept 3rd 2009 – AppSense Wins Best Desktop Virtualization Solution at VMworld 2009

DABCC Radio Podcast: AppSense User Rights Management!

October 26, 2010

AppSense has further enhanced our world leading ‘User Virtualization solution, adding the much awaited User Rights Management functionality.  Doug Brown has posted a Radio Podcast interview, details below:

In episode 141, Douglas Brown interviews Simon Rust, Vice President of Technology at AppSense. Simon and Doug discuss new AppSense User Rights Management technology available now as part of AppSense Application Manager 8.1. Simon does a great job explaining what is it, how it works, what is takes to install, why we should care, and much more.

User rights management benefits users by:

  • Elevating user privileges for running applications – by specifying applications to run with administrative privileges. This enables the user to be removed from the local administrators group, thus removing the risk of all applications executing under the administrative user context.
  • Organizing user rights for running control panel applets – by allowing a standard user to make the required changes and complete their job tasks without running as a local administrator. This is extremely useful when users need to change printer, wireless network, time and date settings, etc.
  • Prioritizing user rights to restrict application rights – by enabling system administrators to set and enforce policy for specific applications so that the user runs as an administrator but other applications are forced to run as a standard user, ensuring security is not compromised.
  • Managing access to system settings – by permitting system administrators to prevent admin level users from changing configuration settings that can expose enterprises to new security concerns such as security or firewall settings.
  • User rights management is available now as part of AppSense Application Manager 8.1.

To listen to the Podcast, please click on the image below or use this link here


A special thanks to Doug for taking the time to record and post this Podcast, thanks buddy :)

We hope you enjoy it…



Environment Manager New Feature – Logoff

October 27, 2009

AppSense Environment Manager 8.0 Service Pack 2.0 has introduced some new Logoff functionality.

To enable all Environment Manager actions to complete on logoff and to prevent the logoff black screen from appearing on Vista and Server 2008, the Shutdown Windows API call is detoured.

This API call is called whenever a user logs off or shuts down the system. The detour allows Environment Manager to:

  • Trigger Environment Manager logoff actions
  • Prevent logoff continuing until all Environment Manager actions have completed

When Environment Manager actions are completed or a 60 second default timeout has been passed logoff continues allowing any remaining processes to shut down before Windows itself shuts down. You can override the default timeout by setting a millisecond value in the “LogoffActionWaitTimeout” registry key. Since Environment Manager has already completed its work, it will not be a cause of the Windows logoff black screen.

Whilst the Environment Manager logoff actions are taking place, the system is effectively stalled and the user may wonder what is happening. To alleviate their concerns, a custom screen can be displayed informing the user that Environment Manager is busy. The screen is activated when text for the screen is configured from within the Blocked Text Library.

Adding an entry to the Blocked Text Library with the Title Logoff Message will allow a custom message to be specified for display.

Note: Once logoff continues, Environment Manager has effectively finished for the user session, therefore no more Policy Configuration actions or User Personalization will take place. Additionally, if another application decides to misbehave at this point, the black screen may still appear for those applications.