Reseller News Article – Virtualization: from Server and Desktop to the Network

March 22, 2010

Well, they do say good news comes in 3’s.  And to that avail, following on from my two previous blog posts this morning detailing articles containing references to AppSense in relation to the adoption of desktop virtualization, skimming through my Google Alerts and I have just found a third separate publication – this time on Reseller News in the article ‘Virtualization: from Server and Desktop to the Network’

This article focuses on how Server Virtualization is a proven technology, and with the enhancements to desktop virtualization solutions, desktop virtualization is set to take off and prove itself also.

AppSense is highlighted as a solution for managing the user element of the desktop through our leading user virtualization solution.  Other vendors referenced as key to delivering desktop virtualization include; EMC, VMware, HP, Microsoft, Citrix, Gen-i and Maxnet.

What is even more amazing, is that yes, this is the third separate article validating AppSense as key to the adoption of VDI, but more so it that this one also agrees with (several) predictions made by our very own Martin Ingram, as he detailed here


Citrix In One Breath : Video on YouTube – Provision 80 Desktops in 3 Minutes

February 11, 2010

You may remember back in August I blogged about a couple of parody style pop music videos Citrix and VMware released as part of some fun viral marketing.  The guys over in Citrix Germany have once again treated us to another video, this time a little harder hitting, especially with the music soundtrack ;)

The video shows Marc Borchert, who as well as being a Citrix Engineer is an Apnoea Free Diver, hold his breath underwater for 3 minutes.  During this time, Oliver Lomberg, a Citrix Systems Engineer, installs XenServer and provisions 80 desktops using Citrix and Microsoft technologies – the theme being “Achieve more for your business in one breath with Citrix Essentials for XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V”.. a very well thought out and strong message!

Good work guys..

You can view the video on YouTube here

UK Snowfall, home working and virtual desktops

January 13, 2010

As you may be aware, the UK has recently been subject to some of the coldest weather and heaviest snowfall we have experienced in many year.. while it is not a lot snow compared to what other countries experience, our lack of resources available to clear to snow from the roads has confined thousands and thousands of people to their house, including myself. 

During this time my inability to simply get to work got me thinking about all the (simple) things we take for granted, whether that be the car starts in the morning, the coffee machine works or the PC powers on.  We also take for granted in the most part that we can either get into the office in the car / public transport or that the DSL / broadband connection at home is always on.

So, with the snow that we have been hit with, we were into going into “survival mode” where we stay at home and make the best use of the technologies that our strategists “forced us” us to consider some 12 months back – for example, this thing called hosted Virtual Desktops.  The AppSense business has for long made use of the Server Based Computing technology (with Citrix XenApp) since the day it was born, but only recently has a significant part of the power and knowledge based users of the workforce been able to use this “new stuff” – desktop virtualization. 

It is only now when we can take the benefit of looking back over the last week we can see that it just worked – our users had little complaints because their desktop(s) were still available,  even when at home on their kids gaming PC – OK, so there was a complaint or two about the low quality seat that they had purchased for their children to use while gaming, but the business can hardly be made accountable to those kinds of things?!  Strange though that the local stores have had a surge in deliveries of office chairs to households this past couple of days… 

Anyway, back to it, the only other issue area the AppSense IT team had to deal with was a user who lost telecoms at his home, along with all of his neighbours.  SO, this user was unable to access his online Virtual Desktop since he had no connectivity.  Again, this was no significant issue since the user in question was (fortunately) supplied with a laptop from the office, which as we here at AppSense eat our own dog food / drink our own champagne comes with AppSense Environment Manager and so all of his applications and personalization information was also available on the offline device as well as in the Virtual Desktop (that he couldn’t use).

Our lessons from this week to belileve  the strategy guys, they after all, were actually responsible for our technology vision and then our IT guys for delivering it using some of the world’s leading Desktop Virtualization software from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and of course AppSense all coming together to enable my colleagues and I to continue working from remote locations around the country..

Inaugural Meeting of the Northern VMware User Group

November 20, 2009

On Wednesday 18th November I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural meeting of the Northern VMware User Group (UK) at the Wellington pub in Leeds. There were about thirty five people in attendance, mostly administrators of VMware infrastructures, including some big ones, which was a pretty impressive turnout given the far from ideal weather conditions. A couple of VMware vExperts also attended the event.

A very informative presentation from Ross Bisby of b2net covering the details of investigating performance issues in ESX/ESXi environments kicked things off. Hats off to Ross for a top job given he was drafted in at the last minute. This was followed by informal breakout sessions covering topics such as VCP certification, iSCSI storage and VDI.  There was certainly a good deal of interest in VDI from many people there with a variety of experience from planning through testing to having, successfully, deployed it. It was encouraging too to find a number of the attendees already familiar with AppSense products.

Many thanks to the committee for organising such a successful event and to VMware and Veeam for sponsoring the bar – when in Rome …

Looking forward already to the next event!