Update From BriForum – Day 2 review from AppSense point of view

So we are now into the third day of this year’s BriForum event.  I have just spoken with one of the AppSense guys we have sent over and have summarized his thoughts and experiences thus far below.

This years BriForum is appears to be busier than ever, with our stand being very busy during the breaks as many people know of AppSense from the SBC/Citrix XenApp world, but have been hearing a lot about AppSense/user environment management been seen and talked about as critical to VDI.  So lots of interest and good questions from the attendees.  There is a global attendance too, with end users from the UK, France and Germany, so a strong European presence in Chicago this week..

As mentioned on the @BriForum Twitter feed, AppSense are show casing some new exciting technology, that too has gained lots of interest so far..

Doug Brown has also posted some of his findings from the event, can be found at http://www.dabcc.com/trackback.aspx?nCdType=1&nCdContent=11157

And as per a previous BriForum post i published yesterday, other blogs on the event can be found here: https://appsense.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/briforum-2009-independent-desktop-application-virtualization-conference/

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