Progress in application virtualization

It seems like an eternity ago now but back in December Virtual Strategy magazine asked me to make some predictions about what I expected to happen during 2009 in desktop virtualization. The article is here:

I was reminded of this article while at Briforum a couple of weeks ago. My first prediction was that the application virtualization vendors would improve application compatibility so that a far greater proportion of applications could be successfully packaged. This is important because, for application virtualization to be useful in delivering componentized virtual desktops, organizations need to be able to deliver the majority of their applications in this way. In talking with the Symantec people at Briforum they now believe that almost all applications can be delivered with the Symantec Workspace Streaming (the new name for Altiris SVS). This is really encouraging and, if similar progress can be made by the other vendors in this space or through some of the emerging technologies in this space, will get us to our objective of being able to deliver a desktop composed of standardized components plus the user environment. This will give IT a more manageable platform while users continue to get a familiar and productive working environment.

Incidentally, looking at my third prediction I see organizations are making significant progress there too. But that will be the subject of another post.

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