One Response to 451 Group Report: Cox Comm’s deploys VDI with AppSense over ‘Persona’ / Profile Management

  1. Andy Wood says:

    ..that’s an interesting case study – if only for the fact that its the first time I’ve seen ICA quoted *negatively* as a differentiator.

    What I think is interesting is that there’s discussion there of expanding out past VDI to make use of RDS as terminal sessions: user virtualisation needs to be able to sit across desktop delivery solutions.

    Citrix’s solution (which they license(?) from Sepago ) does help with preventing ‘last write wins’ situations (more so than Virtual Profiles) which can help if you’re logging on with the same profile.

    But if you’ve a range of devices, and different operating systems, and different application sets even this configuration isn’t as flexible in managing user’s workspace settings as solutions like Application Manager.

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