Citrix In One Breath : Video on YouTube – Provision 80 Desktops in 3 Minutes

You may remember back in August I blogged about a couple of parody style pop music videos Citrix and VMware released as part of some fun viral marketing.  The guys over in Citrix Germany have once again treated us to another video, this time a little harder hitting, especially with the music soundtrack ;)

The video shows Marc Borchert, who as well as being a Citrix Engineer is an Apnoea Free Diver, hold his breath underwater for 3 minutes.  During this time, Oliver Lomberg, a Citrix Systems Engineer, installs XenServer and provisions 80 desktops using Citrix and Microsoft technologies – the theme being “Achieve more for your business in one breath with Citrix Essentials for XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V”.. a very well thought out and strong message!

Good work guys..

You can view the video on YouTube here

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