4 Responses to What Is User Virtualization? – More than just a catch-phrase!

  1. Great post! The one comment I have is you mention User installed Applications is a key aspect of User Virtualization, but UIA is not currently a feature set AppSense offers correct?

    I remember you guys did a demo of your UIA solution at BriForum in 2009 but never heard about it again. Then recently I hear you are still doing internal testing and plan to bring it to market? I’m sure you are under NDA but can you say if we can expect UIA this year?

  2. Hi Scott,
    Thank you for reading & commenting.

    You are right, we do highlight ‘User Installed Applications’ as a key aspect of User Virtualization, and you’re also right in saying that it is not currently a feature that AppSense offers today.

    We mention User Installed Applications as we believe this is a key aspect of the user that we must manage separatley from the deksotp and the standard IT issued application – and this is somethign AppSense are working hard and fast to release to market and further progress our leadership position.

    We did perform a demo of UIA at BriForum ’09, and have continued to do so at many other events since. The technology concept has been proved, we have the capabilities, the software has been through various Tech Previews & Beta’s and we are now in the final stages of completing the management tools, controls and reporting around the product to ensure it meets enterprise requirements. All of this is coming along nicely, and you can expect to hear great news about AppSense UIA shortly :)

    Thanks again for your comment and interest, I will keep you updated with the progression.


  3. I wish to save this particular blog, “What Is User Virtualization?
    – More than just a catch-phrase! AppSense” on my own blog.

    Will you mind in the event I personallydo? Thx -Chad

  4. Hi Chad,
    Pleased to hear you want to share this, and yes, please feel free to do so!
    Many thanks,

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